A Round of Applause for the 2014 Healthies Award Winners!

As National Employee Wellness Month closes out, we wanted to take a minute to recognize some inspiring people who embody a healthy spirit all year round.  Each year, we present our Healthies Awards to ce6a00d8350185bc53ef01a73dcd0960970d-320wilebrate individuals for their efforts to improve and maintain their overall well-being by committing to healthy, sustainable behaviors.

This year we received thousands of inspiring stories from individuals who’ve changed their lives for good by improving their health. In our mind they’re all winners, which made this particular challenging—but we did select some standouts in five categories who we thought were extra inspiring!

One of the Healthies recipients in the Significant Health Improvements category, Vinod Sagi told his story of how the Virgin Pulse program helps him keep tabs on his activity, nutrition and sleep. Today, his BMI is in the normal range, and Vinod no longer needs medications to control his blood pressure and diabetes.

Vinod says he’s “turned back the clock. I feel 20 years younger now. I am now on a mission to encourage my friends and family to take care of [their] health now, and not to procrastinate like I did.

“Age does not matter, take action now and you will be amazed how your body reacts when you track your steps, food, and sleep. Not only I have wowed my family and friends, but my doctor was very surprised with my remarkable achievements,” he adds.

And now, without further ado, please join us in congratulating our winners. Click their names to learn more about their inspiring stories and what they’ve done to meet some major healthy milestones.

2014 Healthies Awards Recipients

These folks saw dramatic results after committing themselves to healthier lifestyles, including substantial weight loss, reversal of chronic medical conditions, improved relationships, increased energy and higher productivity levels. Congrats to all this year’s recipients! Keep up the great work!

Are your employees achieving note-worthy health improvements as a result of your wellness program? We’d love to hear about it! Leave us a comment below. 

[INFOGRAPHIC] Healthy Employees: Curbing the Disengagement Crisis

These days, our employees spend the majority of their days and weeks at work or doing work-related activities. But quality work doesn’t just happen because they’re sitting at their desks, standing on their feet, or hunching over their devices all day. In fact, when they’re go, go, go 24/7, they’re more likely to neglect what matters most: Their well-being.

Busy employees aren’t maintaining healthy habits, meaning they’re feeling lousy and disengaged at work and in life. The last thing they’re able to do is bring their best selves to work, which only further drives their disengagement. The real problem isn’t that employees aren’t interested in their work. It’s that they’re not engageable™ in the first place.

However, there’s a solution – and it’s one that benefits both your company and your people.

Our latest survey, “The Business of Healthy Employees 2014: A Survey of Workplace Health Priorities,” finds that a healthier, more engaged employee is ultimately a happier, more productive one. Nearly 90 percent of employees say that access to health and wellness is a differentiator when they are choosing an employer. Likewise, 87 percent  say that participating in wellness programs has a positive impact on company culture.

And it’s not just employees who are witnessing the impacts of wellness. Fifty-three percent of employers report that wellness programs increase engagement, and nearly three quarters plan to expand their programs in the future.

Take a look at our latest infographic below to learn more about how robust wellness benefits are improving employees’ well-being while driving big business benefits for the companies they work for.


Have you noticed a lift in employee engagement since rolling out your wellness program? What kind of impact has that had on company culture? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Putting Our People First to Create a Best Place to Work

We’re excited to share that we’ve been named one of the Boston Business Journal’s Best Places to Work in Massachusetts, on the heels of the announcement earlier this spring that named Virgin Pulse one of the Healthiest Employers 2014 by the same publication.

The company culture here at Virgin Pulse is unique, with our mission of changing lives for good and making companies better at the core of it all. And the only way we make that happen is by putting our people at the center of everything we do.

“At Virgin Pulse, we’re more than award-winning products and technologies. We pride ourselves on our people — the ones who’ve chosen to join our team and who carry out our mission of changing lives for good and making companies better,” said Chris Boyce, CEO of Virgin Pulse. “We have a talented, phenomenal team here at Virgin Pulse and, while we’re not in it for the awards, being highlighted by the Boston Business Journal as one of Massachusetts’ ‘Best Places to Work’ is some fantastic recognition for all of the great work the team is collectively doing to deliver on our mission and help people live better every day. Work is a lot more fun when you’ve got a great group of people to work with and you know you’re making a difference, and that’s one of the reasons our employees love coming to work day in and day out.”

2014bptw163-600Our employees get access to the same wellness platform our clients use. It lets them earn cash rewards for participating and hitting certain milestones, adding up to hundreds of dollars annually and discounts off their health insurance premium.

We also offer robust health and wellness benefits, like flexible work arrangements, medical, dental and vision coverage, long-term care coverage, short-term and long-term disability coverage, life insurance, an EAP program, online and telephonic wellness coaching, annual biometric screenings, generous PTO and holidays. We’ve got other perks for our employees too, like a kitchen stocked with free health snacks, two on-site fitness centers, weekly fitness classes, and more.

All of the programs, benefits and perks we offer up have one common goal: To drive engagement and company culture by getting and keeping our employees in the driver’s seat of the own lives. The better they’re able to manage their non-work priorities – like their health, finances, sleep, and relationships – the more engageable™ they’ll be, making their priorities on the job a whole lot easier to manage. The only way to get there is by investing in our employees, making it clear that Virgin Pulse values them and the contributions they’re making.

“It’s become critical to create a culture that engages employees, showing them that the company cares about all aspects of their well-being,” Boyce, said in our recent survey, “The Business of Healthy Employees 2014: A Survey of Workplace Health Priorities”.

“Employers need employees who are able to engage and to get that, employers have to invest in their workforce with tools and resources that drive daily healthy habits in order to create a workforce that’s got the energy, focus and drive necessary to engage at work and in life. When employees feel supported and secure, they’re able to connect and bring their best to work.”

We’re so happy we’ve been recognized as one of Boston Business Journal’s “Best Place to Work”, and extend our applause to all the award recipients!





Learn more about how health and wellness programs drive employee engagement. Take a peak at our new survey, “The Business of Healthy Employees 2014: A Survey of Workplace Health Priorities.

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Virgin Pulse clients and members discuss how we change lives for good!

Virgin Pulse clients and members discuss how we change lives for good!