The Pats’ “Do Your Job” Mantra & its Role at Work

121721806The mantra “do your job” rocked New England during the Patriots playoff run to a fourth title during Super Bowl 49. As a diehard Patriots fan, I’ve been hearing this phrase for years.

Leading up to the team’s big games, whenever things begin to spiral out of control, or players try to do too much, or simply get overwhelmed, Patriots coach Bill Belichick gathers his troops and reminds them: “do your job.” For the Patriots, the week before Superbowl 49 was a great example of this. The team stayed focused and overcame outside distractions – namely the deflate-gate story.

But what’s “do your job” really mean? For Patriots player Vince Wilfork it means, “eliminating any distractions, eliminating any noise that is being talked about.” For fans, “do your job” means cheering on the team. And, if you ask Belichick, he’ll tell you it means to “improve on a daily basis, work hard, pay attention to the little details and put the team first.” I interpret “do your job” as focusing on controlling what you can and blocking out the outside noise.

So, how does “do your job” correlate off the football field? What’s it mean for employees?

Just like the Patriots, your workforce has a lot to manage every day, and it’s easy to get side-lined. They’re attempting to multitask while dealing with constant disruptions, technology alerts, and stress from all areas of life – and it’s killing their productivity. In fact, it takes 23 minutes to re-focus after interruptions, resulting in an average productivity loss of 40 percent. All that outside noise leaves everyone stretched thin, unfocused, and unable to get things done or make progress on meaningful work.

Focused employees are critical to driving companies forward. Take a Belichik approach and encourage your people to “do their job” by supporting them with tools and resources that help ditch all those distractions.

Highlight how employees’ daily work is connected to their team’s and the company’s broader business goals by encouraging them to choose one important to-do each day. Once they’re able to identify their most important daily task and see how it helps drives the organization forward, they’ll be better able to make meaningful progress on what matters most.  

Learn more ways to help your employees stay focused at work and beyond. Download our survey report Driven by Distractions: Why employees’ focus in waning at work & what you can do about it”.

Brad Blanchette joined Virgin Pulse team in 2013 as Product Marketing Manager because he wanted to help people live life to their greatest potential. Three years ago, he lost 45 pounds and has kept it off by eating right, exercising, and chasing around his 3-year-old daughter and taking care of his 1-year-old son. Brad manages Virgin Pulse’s Express platform, nutrition solution, and competitive analysis program. Follow Brad on Twitter: @BBlanche5

Keeping Employees’ Spark Alive

180454509At this stage of the game, you’re probably pretty well-versed on the perks of healthy employees. You know that they’re not only happier, they’re also more engaged and productive, and more likely to be loyal to your company. Healthy employees are the ones cranking out quality work, staying at your organization long-term, and contributing to success.

But what can you do when the honeymoon phase is over, and the spark between you and your people starts to fizzle out (or even worse – what if it wasn’t ever really there to begin with)?

Luckily, supporting employees’ health – and ultimately their engagement – isn’t as difficult as you may think. All you need to do is show them a little love. I’m not talking long walks on the beach and candlelit dinners here, either. (Because let’s be honest. That would be really weird.)

Instead, as Valentine’s Day approaches and all year round, show your employees the love by clearly communicating you support all aspects of their well-being. Offer tools, resources, and programs that help them make healthy habits stick and support the areas they’re looking for your help in most. You’ll drive their energy, ability, focus, and motivation at work and in life – and as an added bonus, you’ll also boost their engagement big time.

We dig into all this and more in our latest survey of more than 1,000 full-time employees (not our members) in the U.S. and Canada. “Labor of Love: What Employees Love About Work & Ways to Keep the Spark Alive” highlights how employees really feel about their employers, what they love about work (and what they don’t!) and how it’s all impacting their overall well-being, and performance on the job.

Download the survey and you’ll learn:

  • Top reasons employees feel the love from their companies and ways to charm them that work
  • What’s missing in the employer/employee relationship and how to make up before you break up
  • The surprising factors most important to employees’ workplace happiness and what’ll win them over

Looking for more ways to show employees you care? Take a look at last year’s survey on the same topics. Download “Win Their Hearts & Minds: Show Employees You Care & Boost Engagement” now.

Kaite Bonneville is the Marketing Communications Manager at Virgin Pulse, where she leverages her personal passion for health and happiness to create compelling content about employee well-being and engagement. Outside of the office, Kaite spends her time mentoring a high school student, and recently trained for and completed her first half marathon. 


Finish Line Puts Employee Well-being First

officeThe following story details how Finish Line went through the process of implementing the Virgin Pulse well-being program and discusses the exciting results it’s seen since. Read about other’s successes with Virgin Pulse, here.

finish-line-logoLongtime leading athletic footwear and apparel retailer, Finish Line, decided it was time to focus on employee health and well-being. It knew this investment would not only help keep its workforce productive on the job, but would help employees reach their personal health goals too.

Even at a company known for its commitment to activity, it can still be difficult for employees to maintain healthy habits. In 2011, when employees learned Finish Line was adding Virgin Pulse to its suite of well-being tools, they were excited and ready to engage with it.

Knowing well-being goes beyond physical health alone, Finish Line launched the Virgin Pulse program to help employees manage the range of factors impacting their well-being. The program offers a tailored experience, providing employees with their own user-friendly online portal, incentives, wearable fitness devices, and ongoing challenges.

To spread the word, Finish Line hosted a kick-off event that added to employees’ excitement, driving their engagement in Virgin Pulse by allowing them to enroll and learn about the program on-site. During its launch, Finish Line relied on Virgin Pulse’s activation campaign resources and regular engagement communications to encourage employees to enroll and stay involved in the program. Today, Finish Line still leverages those communications to get and keep new and existing employees engaged.

“The communications from Virgin Pulse keeps well-being top of mind by offering challenges, sending out reminders, and launching the program individually when a new employee comes on board,” said Kim Kurtz, Finish Line’s Benefits Manager. “That’s taken a lot of the burden off of us, administratively.”

icon-callouts-2 (2)Today, Finish Line and its employees embrace healthy, active lifestyles. For example, Finish Line built an on-site certified CrossFit gym staffed by a full-time CrossFit trainer, and holds daily exercise classes for all employees. For runners and walkers, the company even installed an outdoor track wrapping around the building.

“Physical activity is a big part of our brand,” says Kurtz, explaining that the activity tracking and incentives components of Virgin Pulse have been a key element of the program’s success.

“The fact that employees could get points for physical activity and challenges—our employees are very competitive –that really appealed to us,” Kurtz added.

As employees become more active, these positive changes are now reinforced throughout the workplace. Employees can be found talking about healthy recipes in the kitchen, and how many steps they’ve gotten in walking meetings.

“It’s great to see the energy and participation. People are excited about the Virgin Pulse program,” Kurtz said.

To bring the culture change another step further, Finish Line has also made its corporate campus tobacco-free, offers free fruit throughout the office, and has a weekly walking group.

Finish Line employees today are highly engaged in the Virgin Pulse program, with 63 percent of eligible employees enrolled. Of that group, 70 percent of employees are getting enough physical activity to meet recommended levels for good health, and are averaging nearly 10,000 steps per day.

The changes Finish Line has seen are impressive, and have helped support its recruitment efforts while helping secure employee retention.

“People who hear about the well-being program we have here with Virgin Pulse want to come work with us,” Kurtz said. “The employees we have want to stay as a result.”

Up next on Finish Line’s list? Rolling out the Virgin Pulse program to a second group of 3,000 employees working in the company’s retail stores. We wish them luck and will be here to support them along the way as they work to tackle that goal in 2015!

Want to hear more about Finish Line’s employee well-being program? Check out the full story!

Margaux Novak, Marketing Communications Manager, manages public relations and social media at Virgin Pulse. Merging her knack for reading everything in sight with her slight risk-taker tendencies, she’s always up for trying out newly researched marketing campaigns. Apart from this, Margaux is an avid traveler, photographer, and publishing poet. Follow her on twitter: @margauxnovak

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Virgin Pulse clients and members discuss how we change lives for good!