Thrive Summit 2015 – Insider’s Peek

thrivebannerComing off the heels of a wildly successful event earlier this year, we here at Virgin Pulse are so excited to announce the 2015 Virgin Pulse Thrive Summit, taking place in Boston April 27-29. Last year, we brought together our clients, consultants, and other industry leaders for a full day of wellness education, inspiration, and networking.

And. It. Was. Awesome. Arianna Huffington gave our keynote address, and Virgin Pulse CEO, Chris Boyce was able to catch up with her privately after the conference. Check out their talk here and hear her thoughts on how companies and their employees can learn how to thrive.

In true Virgin Pulse style, this year’s event is shaping up to be bigger and better – with more customer stories, more sessions from industry leaders, and three days of learning and networking instead of just one.

Just this week, we announced our keynote speakers. Kicking off the event, we welcome Robin Roberts, anchor of ABC’s morning show “Good Morning America!” Robin will talk to her own personal story, the lessons she learned along the way, and discuss the very topic of her book, “Everyone’s Got Something.”

Closing out the event, we’ll welcome to the stage Ann Rhoades, Former Executive Vice President of People, JetBlue Airways; President of People-Link and author, discussing the very topic of her book, “creating an enviable culture that outperforms the competition.” These are sessions you won’t want to miss!

LibertyJoin us in Boston April 27-29, 2015, and be at the forefront of the well-being revolution that’s taking place today. You’ll discover how to engage your employees, create a thriving, productive workforce and a great place to work, and build a business that is designed to perform at it’s peak.

Still need convincing? We held a webinar after this year’s event to recap what we learned to share with everyone that couldn’t make it. Keep in mind, this is just a taste of what we heard! To get the full story, make sure you join us in person this year! Visit the Thrive Summit website to register and get more information.

Megan Berry is the Senior Demand Generation Manager here at Virgin Pulse, responsible for all digital, outbound marketing programs. Born, raised and schooled in the Boston, MA area, Megan earned her bachelors degree in marketing from Bentley University, a small, private business university just outside the city. When she’s not at work, you can find her playing ultimate frisbee, or exploring her new passion for photography.


Fitness Trackers: Key Ingredient to Engaged Employees

The secret’s out! Workers in today’s world, no matter what type of job they’re in, are feeling stressed and drained. Feeling this way for days and months and even years on end does terrible things to a person’s health and is bad for business. Employees who are constantly under the gun trying to finish seemingly never-ending to-do lists (at work and at home), end up sacrificing their own health and well-being. If they’re consistently making unhealthy decisions (like skipping their daily walks, eating poorly, and sleeping less), they do worse on the job and only further that frazzled feeling.

Walking with Max Gym ClothesThe silver lining here is that there’s great opportunity for you to step in and show your support for your employees. As you’re working to create a more energetic, focused and productive workforce to power your business, wearable fitness technology can help.

Wearable fitness tech lets us measure our body’s input, output, and performance in new and exciting ways – whether via a heart rate monitor, accelerometer, activity monitor, or calorie tracker. However, many companies still don’t realize the huge connection between wearable fitness tech, and a more energized, focused and driven workforce. Why not? They likely don’t see the connection between physical activity and employees’ brainpower.

The link between physical activity and our ability to focus and think critically has been studied at length. In fact, according to a study published in Behavior Research and Therapy, PubMed, people who exercise during the day are 23 percent more productive than on days they don’t, and research overwhelmingly reports how exercising during the day drives a positive mood and an increase in focus for hours afterwards. What’s more, experts agree that regular aerobic exercise improves employees’ attention, reasoning, and memory.

Wearable fitness tech offers a unique opportunity for you to not only help create a more active workforce, but also incorporate social interaction, gamification and a little healthy competition into your workplace, keeping employees engaged and tapping the brainpower you hired them for.

Want to know more about wearable tech’s role in the workplace and your wellness program? Dig into our ebook, “Game On: Trends in Wearable Fitness Tech Are Changing the Game for Corporate Wellness.”

Andrea Dumont is the Senior Director of Product Marketing at Virgin Pulse, where she’s responsible for driving the evolution of traditional HRA-based wellness to a total well-being model. Andrea was also behind the editing and writing of the award-winning book entitled, “Winning with a Culture of Recognition,” that made it to the top of SHRM’s best seller list in 2012 and 2013.

The Truth on Holiday Weight Gain

sofafeetLaying on the couch, stuffed full of turkey, potatoes, and yes, stuffing. That feeling — you probably experienced it last week. A 3,000 calorie day of indulgence. Thanksgiving in the United States is truly a great holiday.

Then you remember. My weight goal!

Staying healthy during the holiday season is no easy task, particularly when it kicks off with amazing meals all around us. Not to mention the sweets, drinks, parties, and other activities that accompany them. It’s no wonder we think we pack on at least a few pounds every year between November and December. It’s one of the reasons gym memberships double in January. We have to compensate for the season of excess!

I wondered recently what the real story was with holiday weight gain. With all of the industry that spins up from our guilt, there has to be some truth behind it, right?  Short answer: yes and no. Here’s the truth — adults in the U.S. gain just one pound during the holiday season. Not too shabby! This is quite a bit less than we typically think we gain. But here’s the problem: We rarely lose this weight. As the study conclusions cite, this “probably contributes to the increase in body weight that frequently occurs during adulthood.” Yikes.

Okay, so that’s the bad news. The good news? No matter what goals we have, they don’t hinge on a day. So I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. And when the next holiday rolls around, go ahead and indulge. Give yourself permission to fully enjoy the day and all it has to offer. Then go back to your normal style and plan the next day. It’s all a balance, right?

Shawn LaVana is passionate about finding ways technology can change the way we work. At Virgin Pulse he works on the marketing team to create workforces that have the energy, focus, and drive necessary to fully engage in all aspects of life. On the weekends, you can find him running the soccer fields Clint Dempsey-style, at least in effort.

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Virgin Pulse clients and members discuss how we change lives for good!