Virgin HealthMiles Achieves Record Growth Fueled By New Products, Key Partnerships [Press Release]

Company Continues to Lead the Industry in Growth and in Delivering Sustained Employee Engagement in Workplace Wellness

Virgin HealthMiles, the market leader in the rapidly growing corporate wellness category, today announced record growth fueled by new revenue, customer renewals and new customer expansions in 2012. Leading companies know they must engage employees in good health to attract and retain top talent and to contain medical costs. Increasingly, employers are implementing innovative, social workplace wellness programs to make adopting healthier lifestyles fun.

“Employers know if their employees don’t improve their health, their culture won’t change, healthcare costs won’t improve and their employees won’t be as productive or engaged as they need them to be to compete in today’s business climate,” said Chris Boyce, CEO of Virgin HealthMiles. “Virgin HealthMiles is steadfast in our commitment to developing products and strategic partnerships that help employers drive sustained behavior changes, and realize cost savings and cultural improvements. Companies continue to put their trust in us due to our continued ability to deliver the best long-term engagement in the industry across the broad workplace wellness spectrum including HRAs, smoking cessation, biometric screenings, nutrition, coaching and activity programs.”

Key 2012 Business Milestones:

Customer Success:

Virgin HealthMiles’ commitment to innovation was rewarded by a record year of customer growth, sustained employee engagement, and client business impact.

  • Virgin HealthMiles 2012 achieved record revenues thanks to new customer engagements and recurring revenues from existing customers. Over 90% of customers continue to stay with Virgin HealthMiles each year.
  • Employers continue to put their trust in Virgin HealthMiles’ proven ability to engage employees in healthy lifestyles, resulting in the highest levels of new employees being brought onto the platform. Virgin HealthMiles added a record number of new clients to its roster in 2012, including: BP Canada Energy Group ULC, City of San Antonio, Domino’s Pizza, and Equifax.
  • Clients are realizing positive ROI. On average, clients have achieved $3.50 savings in medical costs for every dollar invested in Virgin HealthMiles’ solutions. Engaged member groups cost 20-40% less on medical costs than non-member groups, even with normalization for any nominal selection bias.
  • Clients are seeing exceptional improvement in employee satisfaction and engagement. Internal client survey results consistently show a significant improvement in employee satisfaction as employers extend benefits that show real care and investment in their employees. This is echoed by Virgin HealthMiles’ high member satisfaction rates: 94% of members are satisfied and 94% feel they’re experiencing positive results.
  • Clients are increasingly integrating all their employee wellness offerings, including health coaching, biometric screenings and HRAs, with Virgin HealthMiles’ first-of-its-kind platform because of the company’s unique ability to deliver the best daily and long-term, sustained employee engagement in the industry.

Solutions and Strategic Partnerships

In 2012, Virgin HealthMiles invested heavily in health technology innovation. The company drew upon its deep consumer engagement roots and expanded its range of services, integration capabilities, and strategic partnerships to offer even more value and flexibility to clients and members. 2012 highlights include:

  • Mobile apps. Virgin HealthMiles released its Dash mobile app, providing whenever/wherever access to the HealthMiles program portal for employees on the go.  Available for both iOS and Android, members can use the app to track activity, record and monitor biometric and activity progress, join challenges, and get instant motivation from their social connections.
  • Coaching Partnerships. The company announced new best-in-class partnerships, including: vielife, a leading global provider of health and well-being solutions who will deliver health coaching services and online lifestyle management programs to domestic and multinational employers; and WellCall, a national leader in health and wellness, who will deliver health coaching services to U.S.-based employers.
  • Biometric Screenings and Health Assessments. Virgin HealthMiles announced more methods to collect detailed health data with biometric screenings and health assessments. These valuable insights to help employers guide decisions, strategy, and increase employee engagement. They also provide employees with a better picture of their overall health and areas for improvement.

Boyce concluded, “Virgin HealthMiles continues to buck the trend on sustained behavior change, which plagues most wellness providers. In 2012, we made key investments in products, strategic partnerships, and staff to further extend our industry leadership. We’re extremely optimistic about our future business prospects and we’ll continue to mark the years ahead with rich ideas that drive corporate growth and impactful results for our clients and members.”

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